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Frequently Asked Questions About Healing Reactions

Q: I started this program and am now experiencing symptoms I can’t explain. What’s happening?
These are most likely what we call “healing reactions.” Don’t worry! Healing reactions are good and are expected to occur on this program. You can find common questions and answers regarding healing reactions in this section and you may also read Retracing, Healing Reactions or Flare-Ups for more information, and feel free to contact Ms. Moses for assistance.

Q: What are “healing reactions”?
A healing reaction is temporary symptom or symptoms that one experiences during a time of healing or detoxification, or when the body has a resurgence of immune system function. These are times in which the body “retraces” or goes back and heals old infections or other imbalances.

In other texts and methodologies, healing reactions may be referred as healing crises, flare-ups, Herxheimer reactions, Lucio’s Phenomena, retracing reactions, Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions, die-off reactions, purification reactions, the reversal process, aggravations or exacerbation.

Healing reactions are an essential aspect of all true and deep-healing methods. They can be unpleasant and can sometimes be intense, but they are not harmful. They are signs of healing. They can cause phsyical effects (such as headaches, nausea, joint pain, etc) and emotional effects (such as anxiety). For more on this topic, read Retracing, Healing Reactions or Flare-Ups.

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