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A single heat lamp is a valuable and inexpensive tool for relief of many body issues. We generally recommend that every household have one on hand either for use on various chronic issues or for acute situations. Below is a lot of information about the single heat lamp, its benefits and use. We also have a PayPal Buy Now option you can use to purchase one (you may use a PayPal account or any credit card). If after reading this, you have further questions about how to use the heat lamp, please contact us.

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Disclaimer: The material presented here is for educational purposes only and not for the diagnosis, treatment or prescription of any disease. Always consult your doctor or a practitioner knowledgeable in infrared heat therapy before use of a single heat lamp or infrared sauna therapy, especially if you are concerned about the safety of use of this therapy in relation to a specific condition or disease.

***Please Note that the manufacturers of the near-infrared bulbs make no claims or guarantees of safety of use of their bulbs on the human body. This is a special use recommended by various sauna makers and health practitioners. Moses Nutrition, Inc. also does not make any claims or guarantees of safety regarding use of these bulbs on the human body or animals. Use at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to use caution with these bulbs. ***

Q. How long will it take me to receive my heat lamp from you?

The lamp will usually arrive within 8 business days of placing your order. You may request Priority Mail 3-day shipping which may add additional shipping cost.

Heat LampQ. What is a single infrared heat lamp?

Our heat lamp is comprised of a ceramic socket that is rated to 300 watts, an aluminum reflective shield, lamp guard on the front (to keep you from accidentally touching the bulb), a clamp, and a 2-prong cord that plugs into a normal wall outlet. It includes a 250 watt red infrared heat lamp bulb which averages about 5000 hours of use.

You may use the clamp to hook your lamp onto a bookshelf or other surface, or you may simply hold the lamp by the clamp or by the aluminum shield (this shield usually does not get hot during use so is normally perfectly comfortable to hold). Do not hold it from the white socket on the back, as this socket does get warm during use. (Note that the spring clamp is very stiff. This is to help the clamp attach securely. To make it easier to use, place a towel or glove on your hand when opening the clamp.)

Infrared heat lamps are used in various applications from chicken brooding to saunas to keeping food warm in commercial kitchens.

The heat lamp emits near and far infrared heat, which are one part of the sun’s spectrum of light — the part that makes you warm when sitting in the sun. IT IS NOT the UVA and UVB radiation that causes sun burns. This lamp will not tan the skin, nor will it cause vitamin D production in the skin.

The heat lamp also emits reddish light. (The color is usually more of an orange light.)

Q. Does the lamp come assembled?

Yes. Gently remove the packing material before use. To turn it on, simply plug it in. It does not require a 3-prong electrical outlet. (Please note: the metal housing on the lamp is soft and dents/bends easily. Small dents and bends do not interfere with the proper functioning of the lamp. Due to this softness, the metal may bend a little during shipping, although we make every effort to prevent this, so your lamp may arrive with slight imperfections, and we unfortunately cannot guarantee against this. If the damage is severe, of course, let us know and we will send you a new one. You may bend the metal back into position fairly easily, so feel free to try this for any dents or bends, including those that may occur during your use or storage of the lamp.)

Q. How do I use the single heat lamp?

Your practitioner may have specific instructions for you. Generally, one would use the lamp for five to sixty minutes per session. You may do as many as ten sessions per day. When aiming the lamp anywhere on the head or face, limit each session to 10 minutes (a little less for children). You should use a timer to make sure you don’t use the lamp for too long and also to make sure you don’t fall asleep during use.

Sit or lay about 12 to 24 inches from the lamp. Ideally you want to aim the lamp at bare skin, because clothes will block the light and some of the heat. Move the lamp or your body slightly during the lamp session to prevent any one area from getting too hot. Allow the area to become as hot as one can comfortably tolerate. The heat lamp may cause a slight reddening of the skin which will go away usually within an hour, and is not harmful. Always be sure to observe the cautions below whenever using a heat lamp.

Babies and infants – For a baby or infant, one can shine the lamp on the abdomen for up to ten minutes. Make sure the baby is not able to reach up and touch the bulb. Keep the lamp at least 18-24 inches from the baby, and with your hand, check the temperature of the child’s skin often so as not to accidentally burn him or her. This can help colic, constipation, anxiety, irritability and other problems. Do not shine the light near or at a baby’s face or head. If you have questions about whether or not this would be good for your baby, consult your doctor or pediatrician.

Pets and other animals – Some health practitioners and veterinarians do suggest the use of a single heat lamp on pets, such as cats, dogs and horses. Be sure to hold the lamp at least 18 inches away, and remember that animals cannot tell you if they are too hot, and many do not sweat like humans do, so you have to be careful not to overheat them. You must frequently touch the surface of their fur to make sure it is not getting too warm. Use caution in not aiming the light in their eyes and in not leaving the light aimed at their heads for any length of time longer than 5 minutes. If you have questions about whether or not this would be good for your pet, consult your health practitioner or veterinarian.

Q. What are the benefits of using a single heat lamp?

A single red infrared heat lamp directed at an area of the body can provide excellent and often surprising benefits. Infrared energy heats up to several inches deep, which has many benefits, including improving circulation to the area. The heat itself can also disable some harmful micro-organisms. In our experience, it is very safe when properly handled.

There are many conditions that may benefit from heat lamp therapy including joint pain, muscle strains, intestinal cramps, nerve irritation, ear aches, toothaches, skin rashes, acne, blemishes, toenail fungus, boils and many other conditions of the nose, ears and sinuses. As long as one follows the cautions listed below, one can safely use a heat lamp on any area of the body in need of healing. (Please note cautions below, particularly relating to use on the head and face.)

For colds, flu infections and other acute illnesses, a general practice that can be surprisingly helpful is shining the red lamp at the thymus gland, then moving the body or the lamp as close as possible without causing a burn or skin discomfort. The thymus gland is located in the center of the chest just below the collar bones. A session should last about 15-20 minutes (even a few minutes is helpful if that is all the time you have), and can be repeated up to six times daily.

The lamp can also be used for ‘spot treatment’ of any infected area of the body. You may aim the lamp at your chest to assist with a cough, at your throat if you have a sore throat, at the jaw if suffering tooth or gum infections, at your ears for ear infections, etc. Generally, when dealing with infections, you want to lamp the area at least 3 times per day for maximum benefit.

For example, one client on a Nutritional Balancing program had a sinus infection that did not respond to antibiotics or to natural healing methods. She was weak and feverish every evening and had constant headaches. By shining an infrared lamp on the sinuses for 5-10 minutes at a time, six times a day, relief occurred in two days with complete elimination of all symptoms in five days. The client continued to use the lamp for another two weeks because she said the red light felt wonderful.

Q. For what conditions is it contraindicated?

Rosacea or some skin cancers may become irritated by the heat. Additionally, if you have a nervous system condition that prevents you from feeling how hot your skin is, the lamp should only be used with supervision by someone who can check the skin temperature to make sure it isn’t getting too hot.

Q. What is the difference between a single heat lamp and a sauna?

A sauna is an enclosed space that is designed to warm your entire body usually for the purpose of sweating. Typically one would have an enclosure and a heating source designed for that use. A near infrared sauna uses 3 or more of the heat lamp bulbs to do this (for an example, see the picture below). A single heat lamp bulb is not usually enough to make you sweat and is typically used to spot-treat a specific area of the body, or for children or pets. The benefits of a full sauna are numerous and beyond the scope of this article. Many companies sell near infrared saunas. Some come with a tent or wood enclosure, and some are just the heating unit (usually 3 or 4 infrared heat lamp bulbs wired together on one switch) which would be used in a small closet, bathtub or other enclosed space. In some cases, the multiple-light sauna units are not enough to fully heat your sauna. In such cases, you may add a single heat lamp to provide more warmth.

We carry the 3-lights near infrared heating unit pictured below for $449 (including shipping) which is intended to be placed in a small closet or bathroom or even a bathtub in order to do a sauna:

Sauna Unit

Q. Can I use the single heat lamp units to make a sauna?

To accomplish a sauna, you do not need a special sauna unit; you could use 3 or 4 of the single heat lamp units, as long as you can find a way to arrange or clamp them someplace so that they are aimed at your torso while you are in an enclosed space.

Q. How long will a heat lamp bulb last?

The included 250-watt red infrared heat lamp bulb averages about 5000 hours of use. These bulbs are fragile, so please be careful in handling them. We do not warranty the bulbs due to this fragility.

Q. How heavy is the lamp?

The lamp, fully assembled, weighs less than 3 pounds.

Q. Can I buy it somewhere else, like at a store?

Yes, some hardware stores carry the materials you need. You want a 250 Watt red infrared bulb. You will also need an enclosure and socket rated to at least 250 Watts (sold as one piece, and often it comes with a clamp). The enclosures can be hard to find at hardware stores. The bulbs are usually easier to find.

Q. What does “infrared” mean?

For a nice description of infrared heat (infrared radiation), please visit this site:


  • Rosacea or some skin cancers may become irritated by the heat.
  • Do not touch the bulb with bare skin, as this can leave oils on the bulb, which can make it more likely to break when in use.
  • Do not look at the lamp at close range. Always close your eyes and use protective coverings such as glasses or goggles or tanning goggles when holding the lamp near your head or face.
  • Never use a heat lamp on your head or face for more than 10 minutes in a single session (less for children). Allow at least two hours between sessions when using the lamp on your head or face.
  • Avoid using the lamp on an injury for the first 24 hours following the injury. The lamp might increase inflammation, which is not helpful.
  • Place the lamp far enough away (at least 12-18 inches) and move the lamp or your body a little during a session. Having the lamp too close, or remaining in one spot too long, could cause your skin to burn. If your skin is stinging or hurting, the lamp is too close or has been in the same position for too long.
  • Always use a timer when using the lamp. Infrared lights can cause deep relaxation and you could fall asleep under the light and over-treat yourself.
  • Unplug the lamp after use. Never leave the lamp unsupervised while on.
  • For optimum safety, plug the lamp into a surge protector, such as the strips used for computers.
  • Avoid applying any kind of oil, lotion or cream to your skin before using the heat lamp as they can heat up and cause a burn.
  • Do not aim the lamp at jewelry, as the metal in the jewelry can get very hot.
  • Avoid touching an infrared lamp when hot. Also avoid placing it on any surface when hot to avoid igniting or burning the surface.
  • Treat the lamp gently. Do not screw the bulb in too tightly. Also avoid banging the lamp or splashing water or other liquid on it, as these could cause it to break.
  • For infants and pets, always keep the lamp at least 1 ½-2 feet away and check the temperature of the child’s skin or pet’s fur often so as not to accidentally burn him or her. Do not shine the light near or at a baby’s face or head.


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