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Moses Nutrition has been integral in my journey to regain control of my life. I feel that if I had not taken the step to seek their guidance, I wouldn’t have made anywhere near the progress I have. To be fair it wasn’t a simple path to take; many times I considered cheating or even quitting but Moses Nutrition has been there every step of the way supporting me and giving me the motivation to go on. The journey isn’t quite complete yet but the fruits of my labor are very evident and that’s enough to keep me going.

I sought Moses Nutrition, for a myriad of issues: I was grossly overweight (about 266 pounds or 120 kilograms), depressed, unmotivated, aimless, probably worst of all, I developed a crippling anxiety known as agoraphobia. I may sound melodramatic but looking back on it, I feel like I was flirting with death.

The decision to get some kind of help may sound like a no-brainer, but I was so deep in the hole that coming out seemed like a pipe dream. Luckily one day I was approached by a very concerned and loving sister-in-law that suggested I find help via a nutrition route. Partially because I knew she was right and partially because I didn’t want her concern to fall on deaf ears, the very next day I did my research and called to schedule an in-office meeting with Krissi Moses (I haven’t met Nikki quite yet but there is no doubt in my mind she’s just as helpful as Krissi all things considered). Once Tuesday I arrived, and met up with Krissi where we discussed my goals as well as any questions I had at the time. The whole meeting was a very informative thirty minutes. At the preliminary meeting, she took a hair sample (tiny snippets from the back of my head which were in NO WAY noticeable). The hair test would come back with results in about a week and a few days so she had me go about my way back home with a small bundle of reading material and a guideline of what I was able to eat on my diet as I waited on my test results. It IS a diet that you’re asked to abide to, but looking at my restrictions, I remember thinking compared to what I used to think was a “diet” this didn’t seem impossible.

I stuck to the diet as best as I could (in the preliminary meeting she tells you she doesn’t expect you to adjust fully immediately) and returned to her office once the hair test results came in. She also asked some questions of me based off the hair test results that were pretty spot on. She then went over how we would approach my issues and gave me a few supplements to take along with diet and light exercise. (If I am perfectly honest, I was a little bit skeptical but I was firm on placing my trust in her hands. You may feel the same and I ask you if you do to give them the same chance I did.) Krissi and I maintained contact via Skype every two weeks as a check up and to update my supplements when needed.

Fast forward about three months and one more retest later, and I’ve lost 25% of my total weight from when I started! The day I dipped below 200 pounds, I couldn’t help myself from yelling out a ” F*#@ YEAH!”. The feeling that now I can tell myself I have found some worth was too overwhelming and brought me down to my knees in tears. I’ve had plenty of hiccups and hit many milestones. I’ve had really rough days where I didn’t think I could do it and others where I was surprised I couldn’t do this years ago. I had days where exercise was a chore and others where I was burning with vigor. For the most part, I didn’t have anyone that believed I could do it (well besides my sister-in-law and Krissi) and others were in shock asking how I did it. You get the picture.

Honestly when I look back, it’s difficult but very doable. I’m not quite yet where I’d like to be and I still have some issues that I need to resolve, but this has all been a very positive change. I feel happier, I breath better, I sleep better, I have more energy, and it doesn’t hurt that I’m devilishly handsome now ;] Haha. There’s a beacon of hope for you when you’re ready for it and I can’t express enough you need to be READY for it. When you’re ready, reach out to Moses Nutrition for guidance and support. They’ll help you achieve something many people quit before they obtain. If I was able to come out the other side better mind, body and spirit I’m sure anyone else can!
MA in Glendale, CA

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Nikki was the first person to figure out what was complicating my sleep, which was copper so we started addressing that. I had seen lots of doctors but once I started seeing Nikki, within a couple months, I started sleeping better than have in years, which is great! And without taking all those sleep aids, which is great too! All the other doctors wanted to do was give me sleep aids and not address the root of it.
TW in Los Angeles, CA

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If you are reading this, you are probably experiencing, to some degree, what I went through. Two years ago, March 2015, I contacted Nikki on the phone and met her at her office in Glendale, CA. At that time, I was “at the end of my rope”, literally. My energy was so low I could not function normally: I could not work anymore, could not study, and caring for myself just seemed impossible. I was basically bed-bound.

I had visited doctors and was told I had depression, again. I was put on anti-depressant medication and was seeing a psychologist for counseling when I came to Nikki. (Actually, I had been diagnosed with depression since 1998 and was on medication and had seen several psychologists since then.) This time around it was debilitating. In my despair, I searched the internet, and came across Dr. L. Wilson’s website, read his many articles, and his description of adrenal fatigue fit my condition so well. I looked at the list of practitioners he worked with and decided on Nikki because she was about an hour drive from where my sister lives in Pomona, CA. I am so glad I made that choice. Nikki listened to my description of my condition and knew exactly what was going on and understood and described back my symptoms to me. I began nutritional balancing with Nikki in March and got my first hair test and results in April 2015.

My first test results showed high levels of cadmium, aluminum, and mercury, in addition to other toxic metals. It also showed deficiencies of other minerals. She put me on their protocol tailored to my specific condition. I had to change my eating and drinking habits to follow the protocol. She told me that it had taken a long time for me to get to my condition and that it will take time for me to restore my body back to health. She assured me it was very possible to heal, if I just stick to the protocol, stay in touch with her, and give it time. I tell you, if you are reading this and are serious about getting your health, especially your energy back, get on with this program with Nikki and DO NOT QUIT.

It is now two years since I got on with this program with Nikki and Krissi and I am feeling terrific now. I got my energy back and feel so much better, I cannot remember when I felt this good, it’s has been such a long time. I began to regain strength very slowly at the beginning and there were times when I thought I could not recover. The big change came in October 2016. I began to have pretty good energy that month for about a week then one night I went to bed and got up in the middle of the night with hives and rashes all over my body and was itching all over. I went to see Nikki, she checked things over with me and told me it was COPPER coming out of my body through my skin. I thought for sure it was food poisoning. I’ve had fish poisoning before and this felt like that. After that copper dump, when my energy returned it has been stable and improving. In January 2017, I was able to take a trip back home to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands, spent time with my family and resumed my consulting work. I’m back in LA for follow ups with Nikki and Krissi and will return to visit my family again in June.

One more thing, be sure to do coffee enemas as part of the protocol! When I first started the program, I did not do coffee enemas. I tried it in October 2015 for the first time and felt a real difference in my well-being the very first time I did it. I’ve done it every day since and the funny thing is it was a year later, October 2016, when I had a copper dump and have returned to full health now.

Oh, and the best part now is I no longer take any of those anti-depressants and no more counseling.

Thank you so much Nikki, Krissi, and all the staff there at Moses Nutrition! I love you guys!
WM from Saipan

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One of the wonderful things that I felt was an immediate decrease in inflammation, which led to 5 pounds of weight loss! Nice! It was like, “What’s going on here?” Also, the side effects from the steroids I used to take were finally going away! Now, I have more energy, am sleeping better and can fast without hypoglycemic episodes. I feel normal for the first time!
MN in Los Angeles

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I was suffering from fatigue, headaches and overall lack of energy for approximately a 6+ month period. My physician prescribed one expensive medical test after the next in search of answers. Those tests included an echo cardiogram, chest x-rays, brain MRI, organ function tests, breathing tests, etc…. All tests came back normal yet I continued to feel poorly. I was introduced to Moses Nutrition and met with Nikki and Krissi. My hair sample revealed a number of toxins impacting my health including an extremely high toxic level of mercury in my body. Over the years I always thought I was making healthy choices that included a fair amount of fish in my diet. It never crossed my mind that I could be negatively impacting my health eating fish. After a few weeks of being placed on the right protocol of supplements and changing my diet my symptoms disappeared. My health has been restored and as a side bonus I’ve lost about 10lbs over the past 6 weeks by eating to my recommended diet. Overall I’m back to feeling great. I strongly recommend Moses Nutrition to my family, friends, and anyone looking to have a deeper understanding of what is happening inside their bodies and how they can improve their health.
Dave in Los Angeles

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I was averaging $500 – $1200 or more a month at least with other nutritionists for the last 2 years!!! And wasn’t feeling nearly as good!!! And having to do other healing modalities – for soooo many years…. all of my paychecks were going towards ‘surviving’ versus thriving!!! Now …. awakening / healing / starting to Thrive!! Whew!! And we are just 6 months on this path!
Laura in Virginia

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Krissi gave me an excellent heart remedy that keeps my heart rhythm perfectly regular, and her adrenal remedies give me more energy. I recommend her highly. Thank you, Krissi!
C.L. in Los Angeles
Medical Doctor

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My hair is less oily and looks healthier. My mood is great and pretty positive. I can think clearer and can handle stress much better than I used to. I have more energy and am happier. I am less underweight and my breath doesn’t smell. My PMS symptoms (headaches and mood) have subsided. Before, I was a “wired tired” and could not physically or mentally relax. Now, when I am tired I can actually relax!
Stephanie in Silver Springs, Florida

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I’ve had pain in my hands for many years now and used these carpal tunnel braces when I sleep, but now I don’t. My hands don’t really hurt anymore! My pinkies lock up a bit when waking up but goes awake soon after. Kinda cool!! I also had bad post nasal drip and it was all day long! So bad! Now it’s so much better hardly clear my throat! Just a bit more in morning sometimes. I just one day realized I’m not clearing my throat as much. Amazing! Love this balancing!
Ingrid in Las Vegas, Nevada

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I am feeling great. I have so much more energy, and so many of my symptoms have been eliminated or improved significantly. The other day I was going through a drawer and came across a storage sized ziplock bag filled with Tums and other acid blockers. It was really a blast from the past. When I started Nutritional Balancing, I could barely eat anything without getting reflux. Now, I have no reflux, and the thought of even eating one Tums makes me sick.

Additionally, my life is changing in practical and exciting ways with the program. By this I mean that over the past several months with increased energy I have discovered what I am committed to in my life and have really deepened my commitment to these things. Additionally, my life is starting to form in accordance with these commitments. This is really exciting.

At the most basic level, I am just happy to have energy to function during the day. The difference is profound. When I wake up, I am happy now, because I know I have energy to actually be productive and take care of things.

So, here is my progress, attached! Thank you for letting me share this with you because unfortunately, no one else can really appreciate how significant this is for me!
Thank you for everything and I look forward to continuing to work with you, and continuing with the program!
Sara in New Jersey

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Tonight someone asked me who has influenced me the most. For the last year, that person has been Nikki Moses. When I first came to her for nutritional balancing I was in terrible shape. Couldn’t sleep, anxiety attacks daily, kidney pains, bad digestion — I was falling apart. She put me on a diet and nutrition program, and it was not easy. But I would have done whatever she said at that point — and everything she said was what happened. She told me about the healing process, and detox, and patiently walked me through all of my symptoms. After three months the anxiety attacks stopped. I would recommend Nikki not just for her knowledge, but for the fact that she stays with you through the journey. This goes for her staff as well. I’m still recovering, and most of the credit for getting me this far belongs to Nikki.
Steve in Los Angeles

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After being on Nikki’s program for two and a half years, I recently paid a visit to my new GP who gave me a compete physical and drew about seven vials of blood for extensive testing. About a month later, I was summoned to his office to review my results.

The instant he opened my chart, the doctor’s eyebrows shot up. He turned a few pages and actually uttered the word “wow” a few times. Incredulous, he looked at me and announced that not only were the levels on my tests astounding, by his reckoning, I possessed the blood panel of a twelve year old boy.

This was quite significant, considering that I happen to be a fifty four year old man. LDL to cholesterol ratio, prostate- everything was, in his words, “extraordinary”. He further stated that if I kept up with whatever regimen I was on, I should easily be looking at another 40 years of perfect health.

Telling me that perhaps I should be advising him, my GP sent me home, elated. That was, quite possibly, the best visit to a doctor I’ve ever had.

Michael in Los Angeles

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For too many years I had accepted that fatigue was a fixture in my life. I was tired from the moment I woke up to the moment I could finally fall asleep. Yawning throughout the day was as commonplace as breathing, only to be relieved by 6-8 cups of coffee to keep me going. Eventually caffeine stopped working altogether. I front-loaded my clients prior to 3pm and without fail would find myself victim to an eventual late afternoon nap that only left me more irritable. I was less present for my wife, my kids and myself, giving everything I had early on in the day to clients. My testosterone plummeted which was the symptom that finally got my attention. My doctor wanted me on estrogen (a cruel joke for a man living with a house full of women) and others suggested getting shot up with testosterone — all of which felt like it would at best be one VERY expensive Band-Aid. When a friend introduced me to the website, I intuitively knew I was home, that this was the window to seeing the bigger picture of what was going on in my body as a whole and a path forward in actually healing myself. Nikki’s own story of healing through this method and her eventual drive to help others is truly inspirational. Her assistant Krissi, also a patient and an ambassador of excellent client support, make them a complete package to guide anyone and I mean ANYONE who has spent thousands trying to heal symptoms, or the far too many who suffer silently wondering if there is a better way.
Mitch Newman, M.A., The Relationship Advisor
Beverly Hills, CA

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I have been on the program for about 6 weeks. Two days after I started it, I instantly felt better. I have been searching for over two years to find the right help with my thyroid and hormonal issues. Hands down this has been one of the most effective things I have done to increase my energy and to feel healthier. I highly recommend Nikki and her team! They are helpful, compassionate and available to answer any questions you may have and to help guide you through the program. I am feeling better everyday! I can not thank them enough!
Nina Boski, LifeBites Media

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I just got the ok from my Internist to stop taking my Blood Pressure meds. He was so pleased to see the inches and weight I lost since last December. He told me to continue the good work and check my pressure occasionally to make sure it’s still ok. Yippee!!! I’m so glad to have been referred to you and your program!! Take care and Thanks again.
Cathy from California

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This is the first year that I don’t have allergies! Before I started on a nutritional program with Nikki about 7 months ago, I always suffered severe allergies this time of year. This year, I don’t have any allergies!!! And my digestion is so much better when I take the supplements! Seeing how my allergies and digestion have improved after only a few months, I am excited to continue doing the program.
Amanda from Illinois

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Without a doubt, “Nutritional Balancing” along with the support and guidance of Nikki Moses has changed my life with huge benefits both physically and mentally. After 1 1/2 years on “The Program”, words inadequately describe my sense of well being, knowledge of cause and effect and a feeling of peace and tranquility. I am totally convinced that this holistic approach that is slow yet sure builds a sound foundation that not only heals but allows every cell in my body to thrive literally from head to toe. Also, I know in my heart now that all of it………..the diet, supplements, cleansing methods, mental/spiritual, and more are all essential for truly a fundamental human transformation and improvement.

For years and years (more than I want to admit) I knew that I was not at my best (and getting worse) even with eating what I thought was a good diet, taking supplements and plentiful exercise. Also, I solicited the advice of several alternative health avenues without much long term success and was literally in despair when introduced to “Nutritional Balancing” along with Nikki.

In the beginning, surely it was a leap of faith as she (Nikki) held my hand and gave me hope along with plentiful support and being the best cheerleader going. Many, many times I questioned her about aspects of the program and her thoughtful, kind, genuine, knowledgeable and insightful input kept me going. In fact, I think that without Nikki’s support I would have given up in the very beginning because things were not happening “fast enough”. Conversely, I learned that this is slow and sure versus fast and elusive. And that is best.

Finally, I can’t say enough about the true empathy and caring that comes through in my interactions with Nikki. I remember the very first letter outlining the “Nutritional Balancing Program” and all that goes with it (along with the CD) from Nikki. I am a 59 year old man and I was listening and she was assuring me that I was going to get better and that it would work……….and tears were running down my face. She did give me hope and she did give me results and in the end she signs everything with “Love, Nikki”. She has been through it herself and she cares a lot.

I am honored to write this about my experience and wish that more people would take that leap of faith because it does work.
Mark from Pennsylvania

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Our daughter suffered from frequent fainting spells. She’s been on a full nutritional balancing program. Things are better by God’s grace. She is doing much better on fructose restricted diet. No more fainting. We feel strongly that she will be able to have a full life now onwards. My family and I would also like to thank you and Dr. Wilson for all the help and support you gave us in her health crisis in the past few months. It means a lot to us.
Jay from Texas

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When I started this program with Nikki Moses I had a terrible bleeding rash on my abdomen and chest. I’d had it for years, and doctors were baffled at how to fix it. I tried everything, and nothing would help at all. I was desperate to find something that would help. I also had fatigue, rapid heart rate and a whole host of other symptoms.

I did a hair analysis with Nikki and she found all kinds of things on the test. She made suggestions for diet, supplements, water and a few other things. I was excited by her findings and started right away. Within 6 months my rash was completely gone!!! Not only that, but my skin was beautiful! It has never looked this good. I can’t believe it!! I’m so blown away by it.

And now, here I am in my mid 50’s and I’ve never had such high energy levels! I have more energy than the 30-year-olds in my office. I feel more focused than ever before as well! It’s like I’m in my 20’s again! I can’t believe I’ve been on this program for less than a year — I’m amazed! Can’t wait to see how I feel another year from now… or can I! Haha!

Nikki, after all the questions you’ve answered for me, and all the problems you’ve helped me through, I have a new respect for how much you know! Thanks for making such a difference in my life!

≈   ≈   ≈   ≈   ≈   ≈

Hey, Nikki!

It occurred to me that you’ve been more accurate than any doctor I’ve seen regarding symptoms and how to deal with them. Any information that you’ve come back to me with has either explained, alleviated or dissipated what’s ailing me.
Michael from California

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This is from a client who started her Nutritional Balancing Program three months before conceiving her third child. She was on the program the entire pregnancy and we received this from her a few days after delivery:

Our new baby is a boy. He is very healthy looking and scored 9 and 10 on his Apgars. He was able to breathe on his own and nursing has gone really well. He is very alert and they used the term “vigorous” to describe him. Almost 9 lbs and long, 21.5″. Definitely our healthiest looking baby at birth/newborn. I’m certain having the right supplements contributed to this. Thank you! Physically, I don’t feel like I just had a baby, he was very easy to push out because unlike my other children, he was facing the right way.
N.P. from Maryland

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By the time I was in my mid-20’s I had been on six different healthcare programs. The symptoms I primarily wanted addressed were debilitating migraines, cold sores, fatigue, irritability, constipation, insomnia, hoarseness, and a horrible weird pain all over my torso that would sometimes last for hours, as well as a bunch of less-dominant symptoms.

Knowing that it can take a while to get results, I used to try a new healthcare program for a year or two. When I would get little-to-no results, I’d quit and find another. I started to call myself a “stubborn healer” because nothing seemed to work.

I have been on Nikki’s program for almost two years now. I had noticeable improvements in the first couple months! One major symptom of mine actually went away after a month! But I NEVER thought I would have SUCH improvements in two years! At least once a month I used to get migraines, cold sores and that torso pain. I haven’t had any of those in over 9 months! I have been more cheerful and energetic, and sleeping better than I have been in years! I even had a wrinkle under my left eye become MUCH less visible!

Every program I’ve been on before Nikki’s warned that I would detoxify or have “healing reactions” that can be uncomfortable, but I never got any such reaction on those programs… I also never got any better. Although Nikki’s program is the easiest to follow, I actually started going through some intense detoxification! But that’s how I knew it actually was working!

I started having healing reactions almost right away! I’ve had everything from my abdomen bloating up for a few days, to cold symptoms. But they go away on their own, and afterward, I feel better than I ever did before. Then I go through another healing reaction, feel lousy for a day or two (sometimes it just takes as little as an hour to get through one), then come out feeling even better. It’s gotten to the point that when I start to feel some weird healing reaction come on, I get excited because I know I’m going to feel even better when I get through it than I did before! It’s really quite amazing to me.

Thank you, Nikki, for talking me through my panics and depressions! You are the best!

P.S. To anyone reading this, I suggest you make a detailed symptom sheet before you start, so you can look back and see all the symptoms you used to have – it helps you see how far you’ve come!
A.M. from California

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This is from a note a client sent:

Hey Nikki,

I just wanted to thank you for all the help and advice you have given me so far. It is SO SO nice of you to dedicate your time to answering my emails, and it is VERY VERY much appreciated.

You are a star!!!
Phil from United Kingdom

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After almost 30 years of suffering, I am finally getting well. Thanks to the program that Dr. Wilson and Nikki Moses put me on. For years, I suffered with debilitating symptoms including heart palpitations, shortness of breath, skin rashes, constipation, allergies, severe neck pain. In the last 8 years, I have seen multiple alternative medicine doctors, with no results. One even told me that my condition was so severe he didn’t think I could ever get well. Out of being absolutely desperate, I searched the internet daily with my symptoms, hoping to find a cure. I found Dr. Wilson’s website. I went through the process and hair analysis. Then I listened to the CD consultation that Nikki Moses sent me. I carefully followed the program Nikki gave me, with a positive attitude. Now I am feeling so much better, it’s actually amazing. This is like a miracle for me. My symptoms are gone. I’m in my 50’s and feel like I’m 18 again! I would strongly recommend Dr. Wilson’s program and Nikki Moses to anyone suffering with the similar symptoms that I had.

Thank you so much Dr. Wilson and Nikki Moses. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You saved my life.
B.A. from Louisiana

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My daughter who suffers from hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease) began Dr. Wilson’s Nutritional Balancing program approximately one year ago with Nikki Moses as our practitioner. At that time doctors wanted to remove her thyroid, but we decided to try a nutritional approach. I was so impressed with the results that she obtained over the first few months on the Nutritional Balancing program that I also began the program because I am a long time sufferer from hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s). Nikki has been our nutritional consultant during the entire process and she has been nothing less than an absolute blessing. She is always accessible (even though we live on opposite ends of the country) and immediately contacts me if I have any questions or concerns. She has been very reassuring and encouraging during the course of our program. I am happy to report that I have been off of my thyroid medication for almost six months (after being on medication for almost ten years) and I am doing very well. My daughter is also doing extremely well. Her thyroid blood tests are all testing in the normal ranges now. We are extremely pleased with the Nutritional Balancing program and highly recommend it to others.
M.B. from Connecticut

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It all started after I gave birth to my daughter. At that time I was 25 years old and decided to put in a copper IUD to protect myself from getting pregnant. My whole life before that I was always outgoing, energized, never watched my diet but would feel good, even would party pretty often. After having my daughter, I noticed that I became more aware of my surroundings, even in a negative way where I was afraid of everyday life things, like having someone else drive the car while I was in the passenger’s seat, or extra worried about my daughter and her health, and just a lot more fears than usual. Even a scary movie or something on the news would make me feel very uncomfortable. I blamed it all on becoming older and being a mother. The more time went by the more anxious I got. I started having anxiety attacks here and there, where I would blame it on the hot weather or anything that would trigger it. To add to that I was never anxious in my life, as I can recall. Even as a teenager I loved living on the edge at times, where I would drive fast in the car, or just do things lots of teenagers do! My life then became very limited. I was living in a box, afraid of all. On top of that I had acid reflux, pains in my chest, anxiety attacks, PMS and no energy at all. My life became me laying on the couch and having my parents help me take care of my 1 year old daughter. I looked for cures everywhere, as I became very scared for my health. I always felt like I was a second away from a heart attack, my chest would burn and my heart and my mind would just go crazy. My first thought was to check my health, so I went to my regular doctor. After doing all kinds of tests, she told me that I was healthy and just had anxiety problems and wanted to prescribe anti-depressant medications. After declining to take the medication, I left feeling helpless and hopeless. I had a feeling and knew from stories of friends that those medications are very bad for you, so thank GOD, I did not take them. Knowing the doctor could not really help me, I did a lot of other things like acupuncture, even went to a psychologist because I was told that it’s all in my head. I took different vitamins but nothing seemed to work and only would make me worse. Finally, searching on-line one day, I came on to a site that was about copper toxicity and how the IUD can make you toxic and other things like bad nutrition and giving birth can make you copper toxic as well, so as soon as I read that I had the IUD removed. It hit me that the IUD can be making me feel this bad, adding on extra copper to my toxic body and making me sick. That was when I found Nikki Moses. As I came to my first appointment helpless, barely driving there (I couldn’t even drive), I saw a caring person that wanted to help me. Nikki understood exactly how I was feeling, she seemed to know what I had, she made me feel like there was hope and that there was a way I could get rid of these problems. After finding out what was going on with me through a hair test, she put me on a nutritional program that started re-nourishing my body and cleansing my body of the extra copper and other toxins. After 5 months I felt like a different person, where I even went out and got a job mostly because I wanted something to do now that I felt so much better. I still had some bad days where the toxic metals would be coming out of my body and I would call Nikki, and she was always there to comfort me. I am very lucky that I found her — she has been like my angel ever since! I can call her with any question or a problem that has to do with my health and she is always there for me, where at a doctor’s office they will just prescribe you an anti-depressant and never care what happens to you after. My family and I learned a lot from Nikki. I brought my family in for testing as well and we all joined the program. We also changed our whole lifestyle, diet, things we use like cosmetics and water. We became more healthy and we are just getting better. We are more aware of the toxic metals, we use a near infrared sauna on daily basis and take care of ourselves. My experience was very scary but educational at the same time. Now I know that toxins are a poison and can ruin your life and that being on the right nutritional program can help your body cleanse and become strong and healthy. I recommend not waiting for something to happen but to prevent and heal yourself as soon as you can. Thank you Nikki for all you have done for me and my family!
S.T. from California

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(The following is from an email we received. She had not started the supplements yet except for a little kelp. It shows how much can be accomplished just from the correct water and diet based on a properly interpreted hair analysis.)

I received my packet close to two weeks ago and immediately read everything and listened to the CD. Thank you for making things easy to understand. I researched the suggested supplements to find out what was in them and wasn’t disappointed. I made the suggested diet changes starting that evening, started drinking three quarts of distilled water a day and added 8-10 oz. of freshly squeezed carrot juice a day. The next day I went out and bought Nature’s Way Kelp as suggested and started that plus have been attempting to increase my resting time. Within a few days I noticed that I wasn’t having all the random pains shooting through my body. Even the swelling in my eyes that I have been waking up to seemed to subside. I still have problems with my lower back but that I know is because of the leg length difference and I can live with that. I also noticed that I stopped having the flushing in my face feeling after eating and I started dropping weight (yeah!). So far I feel that this program is going to be of great benefit to my health. Thank you.
T.C. from Ohio

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Dear Nikki,
Since I’m beginning to feel as though I’m getting more than I’m paying for, here’s a spontaneous testimonial I hope isn’t too risqué for your promotional materials…

As a traditional, globe-trotting record executive and manager of musical acts (now pushing 40), one could say my lifestyle is uniquely taxing to the constitution… to say the least, and I was starting to feel the effects of it. Less and less energy, colds every couple of months, impossible to peel myself out of bed every morning. The list gets gory, but I’ll spare you the details. Without altering my work and play habits much at all (save eating more veggies and drinking more water), the results from Nikki’s nutritional supplementation program have been nothing short of miraculous for me. Not only did I notice an immediate increase in energy, but only a few months in, random friends, family and colleagues began remarking unsolicitedly on how healthy I had come to look. As previously nagging and worsening symptoms began to drop away (not without some bumps in the road, of course), my energy levels continued to increase, compliments on my youthful appearance began pouring in from total strangers (now with regularity), and even my hangovers (blush) began to drastically decrease in intensity and duration. I’m even slimming down nicely without really trying. Is that a sin? After years of struggling to get back down to my college weight, it feels a bit like it. Heh-heh. Anyway, needless to say, I’m hooked! And no more colds!!

Thanks so much, Nikki, for allowing me to do a stupid and dangerous job more effectively and feed my vanity in the process!

Crazy (and still rocking) from Los Angeles

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I started having heart palpitations about 3 years ago now. They weren’t ‘ordinary’ palpitations as I felt my heart was actually going to explode through my chest. I was extremely fatigued, so much so that if I had the chance I could have lay in bed all day and night. After going to my doctor I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. I had been on the medication for the 3 full years and eventually went on medicine which made my heart beat a little slower and have less palpitations, but now I realize this medicine is probably what caused my heart valve prolapse which was diagnosed about 2 months ago.

I never felt any better nor did my thyroid tests show any better results, in fact they were getting worse and I started thinking about getting some letters written for my children so when I died they would have this remembrance of me. In desperation I talked to Dr. Wilson who sent me out a hair mineral kit. I must trying to stick to the ‘diet’ was very hard for me as I have always craved chocolate and sweets and generally just any food because I could never feel satisfied. If I fasted I would get that jittery feeling and the hunger pain was too hard to bear so I needed to have ‘fixes’ all day. I now feel like a new person – literally! Not having to be controlled by my insatiable cravings all day and night has given me peace of mind and I can easily skip a meal if I wanted to. I do admit that I still like my sweets but I am not controlled by it anymore. And I have only been on the Wilson regime for 4 months and I never expected to see any results for 2 maybe 3 years! The best part is I have lost 12 pounds!

All these years I thought I had been living and cooking healthily for the family. This house had no fats or oils and I prided myself on the idea that there was no macaroni and cheese ever. I am now cooking everything organic and from scratch and loving it. Although I am trying to learn how to cook for the kids without giving them too much of a change is making a challenge out of my life but I know in the end it will pay off nicely. Thank you Nikki and Dr Wilson for being there for me.
M.K. from Arizona

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In an email we received from her later:

…my back is getting so much better. Last night I dreamed that I was so comfortable that I shouldn’t bother to get up (of course I had to wake up though) and when I did wake I found I was so comfortable that I didn’t want to move THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED! I have always had a bad back – to the stage when I was 16 I could hardly walk far and the last years, in desperation, sleeping on a wooden plank. What an added bonus for me to find out this program heals my structural problems as well.

Also, my joints in my fingers are getting better and I am not so tired now (even though it was 115 degrees today!)

I just thought I would share these things with you – I am so excited!
M.K. from Arizona

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Dear Nikki,

What a tremendous blessing you are in my life! I’m so grateful that Dr. Wilson was so wise to put me with you! Thank you so much for all you have taught me, for your knowledge and experience, your patience, wisdom and inspiration in guiding me through this wonderful program. I was thinking back to how I felt last Thanksgiving before I had even started the program — the difference is profound! You are brilliant and kind and fun and loving and so positive and encouraging! I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving with your dear family! Thank you!!
A.O. from Utah

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Hi Nikki,

Nikki, as you know, I’ve been on the thyroid meds for 6 years now. I’ve had 2 doctors tell me that I would never go off of them because I had Hashimotos. I’ve been on your program now just a year. I just want to let you know that I’m doing well on the program. I got off the thyroid meds, have had almost no hot flashes, and feel good. I have also lost 15 lbs!! I will shortly be sending in another hair sample. So, I expect to hear some good news from you soon.

Bless you,
P.H. from Oregon


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