Nutrition Program Overview by Nikki Moses

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Nutrition Program Overview
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by Nikki Moses
© January 2019

This write-up generally discusses the various aspects of your nutrition program. There is a lot of information here, so we suggest you keep this to refer back to as needed.

How This Program Works

Poor health develops in layers. Most people today have suffered years of accumulated stressors on their bodies – things like insufficient nutrients from food, exposure to large amounts of toxic chemicals and metals, excessive stress, dehydration, not enough sleep, etc. Unfortunately, for most people alive today, these problems started before birth due to the mother’s poor health and toxins which passed on to the baby. These things all cause extreme imbalance in the chemistry of the body, which makes it impossible for the body to function at its best.

True healing requires a reversal of all of these layers of stress, a process we call “retracing”. This program works to heal these deep imbalances, layer by layer, and does not focus simply on removing symptoms. A focus on symptom removal alone usually does not address the underlying causes and is often temporary.

Your hair mineral analysis shows the top layer of your metabolism and body chemistry. We address what is revealed on the test with diet, supplementary nutrients, lifestyle changes and detoxification procedures. After several months, a retest of your hair will reveal a deeper layer of your metabolism. If this healing program is followed, in most cases, the retest will look different from the previous layer, and your program is changed to address this new layer. Uncovering and reversing these layers requires time and some persistence but is far more permanent and health-producing than simply stopping your symptoms.

What a Full Program Includes

A total program always works best. This includes:

  • DIET

There are many aspects to this program, so just do as much of the program as you can. Work into it slowly if this is best for you. The more you can do, the faster you will progress, but just do your best each day. If you need help implementing any aspect of this program, please call or email us. We will briefly cover these elements below.

DIET: You will be following the eating plan for either the Slow Oxidizer or Fast Oxidizer. Your Recommendations sheet will say which to follow. We will go over this with you during your consultation. In general, we want you eating healthy proteins and lots of cooked vegetables. You should also avoid processed foods and sugar. You can find more information on our website under Slow Oxidizer Diet Information or Fast Oxidizer Diet Information. We have recipes on our website and we also recommend a cookbook Joyful Cooking which incorporates our principles. We carry it for $21.95.

DRINKING WATER: Your Recommendations sheet tells you how much water to drink, but the type and amount of water you drink is also important. We recommend spring water as a daily drinking water because it is naturally mineralized water that does not contain harmful toxins in most cases. We find the plastic bottles do not cause toxicity. Tap water filtered through carbon or ceramic is the second best alternative. Do not use Reverse Osmosis (RO) water or alkaline water for your daily water.

Beverages such as coffee, tea, juices or cola drinks are not substitutes for drinking water. It is better to sip water often; do not let your mouth get dry, and do not wait until you are thirsty. It often helps to measure out your water for the whole day in the morning so you know you are drinking enough. For more information, go to Water.

REST: Sleep is essential to healing. Do your best to get eight or more hours of sleep daily. Napping is excellent, too. Try to go to bed early, preferably by 9 PM. Periods of fatigue will occur on this program, because healing requires a lot of energy. The best solution is to rest more. (For more information about this, go to Why Fatigue Can Occur on This Health Program.)

If you have trouble sleeping, you may try taking extra of your Paramin, MCHC or Calcium. We also have additional sleep suggestions on our website here: Sleep Rememdies. If you are still having trouble, schedule a consultation to discuss this. Some health imbalances cause difficulty sleeping; these imbalances may take some time to fully resolve, so just rest lying down when possible, even if you can’t fall asleep.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Supplements, in our experience, are necessary to rebalance your body chemistry. We have not been able to use diet alone to correct the deep nutrient deficiencies people have today. All supplements should be taken with food unless otherwise instructed. You may take them anytime during the meal or right afterwards. If you forget to take them with your main meal, you can take them with a snack later.

If you are very sensitive or very ill, begin with only one dose per day or even a partial dose, and work up slowly to your full amount of doses over a period of several days to several weeks. With extreme sensitivity, you may need to take one dose every other day to start.

Please do not take any supplements or herbs other than those recommended. If there are some you think you must have, ask us about them, as extra supplements can cancel the benefits of this program. A few cups per day of standard teas such as chamomile, green tea or black tea are okay.

Most of the supplements listed on your recommendations sheet will be Endo-met brand supplements, but we may also have other specific supplements on your protocol. Please do not try to substitute the supplements recommended with other brands without asking us first, as most substitutes do not work as well.

All supplements on your recommendations sheet we carry in the office and can also ship to you. We ask that you purchase the supplements that we recommend from us unless otherwise noted. We do not price them above their recommended retail price and some are even below. The income from supplement sales allows us to keep our consultation rates low and provide you with support staff and services. We offer discounted rates on hair tests and consultation for those who order their program supplements exclusively through us! You can order supplements on our online store (contact us for the password), or by emailing your order to [email protected], or you can call us at (818) 745-9558.

DETOXIFICATION: The whole program works to naturally and safely detoxify the entire body and much more deeply than any “cleanse” available today. It does this by increasing each cell’s energy and nutrition, so that your body’s own detoxification mechanisms can function fully. There are additional, optional detoxification procedures that speed progress on the program. The most important of these are coffee enemas and near-infrared saunas. For more information, go to Coffee Enemas and Saunas.

Dental Infections. It is important to take care of dental problems, because these add poisons and stress to the body. Have amalgam dental fillings (also called silver fillings) replaced with less-toxic non-metallic material. This is very important. Metal fillings are about half mercury (which is extremely toxic and gets into your brain) and may contain other toxic metals. It does not have to cost a lot, although some safety precautions should be used to prevent inhalation of the mercury, the most important of which is using a lot of suction during removal. Root canals can also be a source of ill health. You should discuss any past root canals with us and also let us know if your dentist tells you that you need a root canal. These require special handling.


Gentle exercise is best until the body’s energy production is improved. Slow walking for half an hour is excellent as are other gentle activities such as stretching, light weights, etc. Always stop exercise and other activities before becoming exhausted. If you find yourself exhausted after exercise or the following day, you have done too much. Vigorous exercise is not recommended until one is further along on the program, because it uses up too much energy in many people and can over-stimulate your adrenal glands.

If you are currently involved in regular, heavy exercise, DO NOT STOP SUDDENLY. Instead, slowly decrease the intensity of exercise to more gentle workouts over a period of several weeks.

Do your best to avoid breathing in or coming in contact with toxic products. This is very important! Most body and homecare products are toxic, and they enter your body through the skin and lungs. This includes perfumes, fragrances, body washes, soap, laundry detergent, hair spray, household cleaning supplies, scented candles, air fresheners, etc. Try to substitute these with non-toxic products with natural ingredients and essential oils for fragrance. You will also be helping the environment by doing this, because these products all eventually wind up in our soil and oceans.

It is especially important to avoid antiperspirant deodorants (including “crystal” deodorants) which poison you with aluminum (see Deodorant). Public swimming pools and all jacuzzis are best avoided, because toxins (such as chlorine) and infections are absorbed from the water (unfortunately, chlorination does not destroy all infectious agents).

For a list of ingredients to avoid in body care products, go here: Ingredients to Avoid in Body, Bath & Skin Care Products and Cosmetics. We carry a few excellent products in our office, but there are many options at health food stores and on health websites.

Daily sunshine. When possible in the warmer months, expose your skin to sunlight a few times per week for 15-30 minutes. The darker your skin, the more time you need in the sun. Mid-day sun is actually best (your shadow should be shorter than you are). Do not use sunscreen during this time. Sunshine, in moderation, is very helpful for healing, and when done properly, provides vitamin D which has numerous health benefits.

DID YOU KNOW that Foot Reflexology is an excellent, inexpensive and easily-performed method of balancing the body’s energy system and removing stress from your organs? Rub each foot firmly all over, beginning with the toes, for about 10 minutes each foot. Spend more time on any area that is tender or painful. Rub all around the toes and the top of the foot, behind the toes, the arch and sides of the heel. You can even use a foot massage ball or roller if you are too tired or your hands lack the energy to do it.

A nice diagram that shows the reflex points on the feet for each body organ can be found at Use this if you wish to focus your treatment on specific areas. Rub the entire foot a little, however, for a balancing treatment. Foot massage is safe and effective, and excellent for children, too, and can be made fun while still providing a relaxing healing therapy at home.

Stress Reduction – Mental and Emotional factors. Another key factor for healing is the improvement of your thoughts, feelings and emotional ups and downs. Positive, uplifting and inspiring thoughts and attitudes contribute greatly to healing. Negative attitudes and feelings such as fear, grief, guilt, and anger do not assist healing in any way, and can even inhibit it.

To encourage a positive mentality, one thing we recommend is spending time out of doors or in nature. Going for a walk can do a lot to reduce emotional and mental stress, but be sure not to walk with someone who insists on discussing negative issues; use the time to put your attention outward. Inspiring reading or listening to an inspiring book on tape can help, too. Getting some peace-and-quiet time, whether indoors or outdoors is quite beneficial for healing, especially for those with busy lives.

Do your best to avoid anything and anyone that causes you to feel stressed, depressed, anxious or angry, as these will slow your healing process. This may even include avoiding entertainment that causes a stressful reaction (such as watching a depressing or scary movie). Try to keep negative emotional or intellectual material out of your home and work environment as much as possible. This is more possible than many people think, and may involve limiting television, computer emails and other such input. Any stress stimulates your physical stress responses and interferes with healing. The idea is to keep your focus positive all day long.

If you need additional help with handling an emotional situation, we would be glad to offer some assistance.

MEDICATION: Continue prescribed medication as indicated by your doctor. Our goal is to reduce your need for medication.

What You Can Expect

Everyone’s healing journey is unique. Some people experience a lot of changes in a very short time. Others take longer to notice a difference in their symptoms. Sometimes one’s symptoms can get temporarily worse before they get better, and sometimes symptoms seem to disappear entirely and then seem to recur temporarily later. It is not uncommon for people to feel discouraged at some point on a healing program as the symptoms come and go. Remember that we are working on detoxifying and healing the cells of your entire body. It takes time and resources (energy and nutrients) to do this. Think of how long it takes for a simple cut to heal. Now imagine that we are healing thousands of little cuts all over your body. That will give you an idea of what we are doing.

Two things that everyone will experience at some point on a healing program are periods of fatigue (see Why Fatigue Can Occur on This Health Program) and healing reactions, which we’ll discuss below.

HEALING REACTIONS: Healing reactions are temporary flare-ups of symptoms that occur as toxic metals, toxic chemicals and infections are removed from the body. They cause physical or mental symptoms such as sore throats, colds, rashes, joint pain, anxiety, and fatigue. These symptoms are usually mild but can get intense at times. These reactions are welcome evidence of healing.

If your healing reaction reaches an uncomfortable level, please: 1) stop all of your supplements (except for GB-3 or other digestive aids we recommended), 2) stop infrared saunas (if you are doing them), 3) make sure you are drinking your full amount of water, 4) sleep more as needed, and 5) if doing coffee enemas, these will usually help and should be continued and may be increased in most cases up to as many as 3 per day as needed for strong reactions. This will handle 90% of most healing reactions within a few days, at which time you can start back on your regular program.

If you are dealing with infection-type symptoms, go to: Flu & Cold Prevention and Remedy Instructions. Antibiotics can be life-saving when absolutely needed, but they have side-effects and cause other problems. Often the infection can be handled with natural remedies, and this is preferable. So, again, call if you have any trouble. (Of course, we never recommend against seeing your doctor if you feel it necessary.)

For more information about healing reactions, including the most common healing reactions and how to handle them, go here: Healing Reactions.

IMPORTANT: If strong healing reactions last longer than a few days, contact us for further instructions. Please call us if any annoying or scary symptoms persist, or if something urgent arises. This includes infection-type symptoms.


Consultation can be done in the office or by phone or SKYPE. Two hours of total consultation time is included with your initial test fee. This time is usually divided into multiple appointments: a 1-hour test results consultation to go over your test results and supplement program, and additional 15-30 minute consultations to go over your progress, make any diet or supplement changes, and to answer any questions that may arise. If you are coming into the office, we may also do some special muscle-testing work as needed. These appointments are usually 2-3 weeks apart from each other. We recommend that you make a list for yourself of any questions that come up so we can go over them during these appointments.

Once the included time is used up, we will discuss how often you should schedule for continued follow-up. Usually the frequency of the appointments reduces to once every 4-5 weeks, and then as needed from there. Some people need only a small amount of follow-up while others may need more time. If you find that you need help, please don’t hesitate to schedule more consultation. For our current fees for consultation, go to Pricing.

Please check in if you get new symptoms that are troubling to you, have any difficulty taking the supplements or if you have any questions. It is best to schedule an appointment, but if you run into trouble or if something urgent comes up, call the office and let us know.


When starting a program, we recommend retesting your hair every 3-4 months for the first year or so, and then retests typically spread out further from there. The “retest by” date on your Recommendations sheet is the latest date to retest; you may retest earlier if you suspect your body chemistry has changed quickly. The Retest fee (which is much less than the initial test fee) includes only 30-minutes of consultation. Usually, by the time you retest, you are familiar with the protocol and don’t need as much consultation as you did for your initial test, but additional consultation is always available if needed.

Retesting is extremely important to keep your healing program balanced for you. Otherwise your diet and supplements and detoxification program may not be optimally effective. For best results, most people need to remain on a health-building program for at least two years to achieve the deepest levels of healing. For current pricing on retests, go to Pricing.

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