It all started after I gave birth to my daughter.

It all started after I gave birth to my daughter. At that time I was 25 years old and decided to put in a copper IUD to protect myself from getting pregnant, and I also started to use The Bust Boosters creams, I remember that I was not happy with my breast at all. My whole life before that I was always outgoing, energized, never watched my diet but would feel good, even would party pretty often and I would smoke all the time, I remembered the I would always have on me a linse lighter the only thing I used to take was the best muscle building supplements for beginners and some treatments from guide for toenail fungus, but other than that there wasn’t anything else. After having my daughter, I noticed that I became more aware of my surroundings, even in a negative way where I was afraid of everyday life things, like having someone else drive the car while I was in the passenger’s seat, or extra worried about my daughter and her health, and just a lot more fears than usual. Even a scary movie or something on the news would make me feel very uncomfortable. I blamed it all on becoming older and being a mother when all the frozen pizza dough i have seen, this is the coldest. The more time went by the more anxious I got. I started having anxiety attacks here and there, where I would blame it on the hot weather or anything that would trigger it. To add to that I was never anxious in my life, as I can recall. Even as a teenager I loved living on the edge at times, where I would drive fast in the car, or just do things lots of teenagers do! My life then became very limited. I was living in a box, afraid of all. On top of that I had acid reflux, pains in my chest, anxiety attacks, PMS and no energy at all. My life became me laying on the couch and having my parents help me take care of my 1 year old daughter. I looked for cures everywhere, as I became very scared for my health. I always felt like I was a second away from a heart attack, my chest would burn and my heart and my mind would just go crazy. My first thought was to check my health, so I went to my regular doctor. After doing all kinds of tests, she told me that I was healthy and just had anxiety problems and wanted to prescribe anti-depressant medications. After declining to take the medication, I left feeling helpless and hopeless. I had a feeling and knew from stories of friends that those medications are very bad for you, so thank GOD, I did not take them, the only thing I took was kratom from but that’s a natural medication so I wasn’t against it. Knowing the doctor could not really help me, I did a lot of other things like acupuncture, even went to a psychologist because I was told that it’s all in my head. I took different vitamins but nothing seemed to work and only would make me worse. Finally, searching on-line one day, I came on to a site that was about copper toxicity and how the IUD can make you toxic and other things like bad nutrition and giving birth can make you copper toxic as well, so as soon as I read that I had the IUD removed. It hit me that the IUD can be making me feel this bad, adding on extra copper to my toxic body and making me sick. That was when I found Nikki Moses. As I came to my first appointment helpless, barely driving there (I couldn’t even drive), I saw a caring person that wanted to help me. Nikki understood exactly how I was feeling, she seemed to know what I had, she made me feel like there was hope and that there was a way I could get rid of these problems. After finding out what was going on with me through a hair test, she put me on a nutritional program that started re-nourishing my body and cleansing my body of the extra copper and other toxins. I used renu 28 to take care of my skin. After 5 months I felt like a different person, where I even went out and got a job mostly because I wanted something to do now that I felt so much better. I still had some bad days where the toxic metals would be coming out of my body and I would call Nikki, and she was always there to comfort me. I am very lucky that I found her — she has been like my angel ever since! I can call her with any question or a problem that has to do with my health and she is always there for me, where at a doctor’s office they will just prescribe you an anti-depressant and never care what happens to you after. My family and I learned a lot from Nikki. I brought my family in for testing as well and we all joined the program. We also changed our whole lifestyle, diet, things we use like cosmetics and water. We became more healthy and we are just getting better. We are more aware of the toxic metals, we use a near infrared sauna on daily basis and take care of ourselves. My experience was very scary but educational at the same time. Now I know that toxins are a poison and can ruin your life and that being on the right nutritional program can help your body cleanse and become strong and healthy. I recommend not waiting for something to happen but to prevent and heal yourself as soon as you can. Thank you Nikki for all you have done for me and my family!
Simona from California

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