Why We Recommend Coffee Enemas

by Nikki Moses
© January 2014

Warning: No claims are made for any procedures described here. Nor are these procedures intended as treatments or prescriptions for any disease or condition. The following is presented for educational purposes only. However, most people find them very simple, effective and safe when used as described here.

For most people on this nutritional protocol, coffee enemas are recommended as a helpful tool to assist in the detoxification and healing process. These enemas are optional, but I suggest you at least try one so that you know what it is like and know how to do one in case you ever really need to do one. They are simple to do and take about 35 minutes from start to finish once you are familiar with the procedure.

A Success from ‘Lynn’ to Dr. Wilson after doing her first coffee enema: “I just had my first coffee enema. UNBELIEVABLE. Just after the first session, I felt a sense of fresh air all over and my breathing was deeper. A constant pressure that I felt on my back at the location of the liver got immediately better. The racing thoughts were replaced with a quiet mind. I felt relaxed and a sense of peacefulness. I hadn’t sung in months; but I suddenly found myself singing. Doc, I felt so good that I wanted to have a second session immediately and had to restrain myself…. It is quite effective!!

Coffee enemas are special in that the coffee is absorbed through the colon and moves to the liver where it causes a release of toxins from the liver. So a coffee enema is really a liver cleanse.

Benefits of the coffee enema:

• Cleans and heals the colon
• Detoxifies the liver and colon and helps rebuild the liver.
• Reduces many types of pain, and can even stop a headache.
• Helps eliminate many parasites and yeast and fungus.
• Reduces and gets rid of many symptoms of general toxicity. Since toxicity is the cause of dozens of common symptoms from arthritis to insomnia, coffee enemas help with many, if not most diseases and conditions.
• Helps with depression, confusion, and general nervous tension, and increases mental clarity.
• Improves energy levels, increases joy and happiness, improves digestion, reduces anger, and more (a tendency towards anger can be caused by a toxic and stressed liver).
• Enables clients to get through difficult healing reactions.

I have personally recommended coffee enemas to hundreds of people, and most of my clients do them. I myself have been doing coffee enemas for the better part of 14 years. My mentor, Dr. Wilson, has recommended coffee retention enemas to more than thirty thousand people. Once you try one, you will see how easy it is, and most of my clients reach a point where they look forward to their coffee enemas. I recommend clients do them once a day if possible, but any amount you do will be helpful even if just once a week. They are especially good to do while in the middle of a healing reaction, as in most cases, the coffee enemas relieve the healing reaction symptoms and speed the healing process. The coffee retention enema is really quite simple, very safe when done properly, highly effective, able to be done in the privacy of your home, and inexpensive. You will simply be retaining 1 to 2 cups of coffee in your bowel for up to 15 minutes and then releasing it, just as you would a normal bowel movement.

I have not found that coffee enemas create dependency, and they do not appear to deplete the bowel of beneficial bacteria. In fact, it is my experience that when done properly the enemas tone the bowel and create a better environment for the growth of good bacteria.

We carry the enema bags here in our office or can mail one to you. Full information and directions are on our website, and there is also an interview I did about coffee enemas which covers a lot of information available under the Audio & Video Recordings tab on my website. We also have an extensive Questions & Answers section regarding enemas under the Q&A page.

What You’ll Need to Get Started:

1. An enema bag or bucket. We carry latex-free enema bags in the office, so you can pick one up here or we can mail one to you. Drug stores don’t seem to carry them anymore. Walmart often has them as do some other stores.

2. Regular ground coffee: medium or dark roast, ideally organic (do not use decaffeinated).

3. A coffee pot, or simply use a pan on the stove to make the coffee.

4. Some olive oil or other lubricant for the enema tip.

And that’s it!