WO China Healing Oil

WO China Healing Oil by Systemic Formulas – 1/2 oz bottle

WO is a natural essential oil “medicine chest” in a bottle.  People call it “Wonder Oil” because it can “fix about everything” at home and during travel!

Ingredients: Wormseed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Peppermint Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Basil Oil, Leptotaenia Oil (Lomatium)


Bug bites – when an insect bites (ants, mosquitoes, spiders, etc.) the insect can inject bacteria, viruses and parasites into the skin. Rubbing WO oil on the bite helps counter the pathogen effects of the bites and also helps with inflammation and itching. You can use this any time after the bite and continue to apply regularly.

Upset stomach – You can rub a little onto the stomach area. For example, after you eat at a restaurant and it isn’t sitting right or if you feel a little nauseous.

Clogged sinuses from allergies or infection – rub a dab on your forehead for the upper sinuses or upper cheeks for the lower sinuses, just be careful not to get in your eyes.

Ear congestion or earache – rub behind the ears to decongest ears.

Bad breath – rub a drop into your gums or put it on your tongue.

Room odors – you can put it on a tissue and wave it around the room to fragrance the room.

Parasites – Parasites can cause bloating, nausea, skin rashes, flatulence, etc. You can rub WO Oil onto the stomach and calm the parasites down if they are affecting the intestines. We have more advanced uses of WO Oil for parasites if needed, so contact us if you suspect parasites, and we’ll work out a protocol for you.

Migraines – Rub some drops of WO onto the part of the head that is hurting.

Food poisoning – a drop of WO Oil can be added to a bottle of water or a glass of water and swallowed to help with any pathogen (like a virus or bacteria) causing nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Rashes – this can be very helpful to soothe the itching of rashes and also can be quite powerful in relieving rashes caused by infections.

Swollen lymph nodes – just rub a tiny bit on the swollen lymph node.

Sore throats – add a drop to a glass of water and gargle throughout the day. You can swallow it after you gargle.

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