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Homemade Blended Veggie Shakes

I get asked a lot about green drinks and veggie shakes. My favorite technique for green drinks is to take about 2 parts steamed or pressure-cooked veggies and 1 part raw vegetables and blend them with water, ice and other things for flavor. I find NutriBullet blenders work really well for this. You can make a large amount, put it in a bottle with ice and sip on it throughout the day.

Below are some of my personal favorite recipes that may inspire you:

  • Steamed chard (cut the stalks as described below before steaming) and cauliflower with raw cucumber, fresh lemon juice, a few drops of stevia and water.
  • Steamed asparagus, fennel and cauliflower stalks and leaves with raw celery (cut the stalks as described below) and romaine leaves (remove the stalk), fresh lemon juice, a few drops of stevia, water and ice.
  • Steamed beets and Brussels Sprouts, with raw carrots, organic carrot juice, a tiny bit of fresh ginger and fresh turmeric, ice and just a tiny bit of water.
  • Steamed collard greens leaves (discard the stalks as they are too fibrous and don’t work well for this) and bok choy, with raw celery (cut the stalks as described below) and romaine leaves (remove the stalk) with green tea (instead of water) and fresh mint.

Other tips:

A really important tip is to finely cut across the fiber any really fibrous veggies, such as celery or the stalks of chard, before you put it in the blender. Otherwise it just sticks to the blades and makes the drink awful.

You can add a little fermented veggies or the juice from fermented veggies to give the mixtures a little extra boost.

You can also add other things to it, such as bee pollen, wheat grass juice/powder, etc.

Make sure that you do a variety of ingredients; don’t use the same ingredients every day.


Kristina Law

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