EVERYONE IS TOXIC (and Nutritionally Depleted)

by Lawrence Wilson, MD
© January 2010, The Center For Development

Two facts that are not yet well understood are 1) the entire population, even the new-born babies, are extremely toxic. The second is that everyone is mineral-deficient. Even the babies are extremely mineral-deficient and toxic because their mothers, today, are nutritionally depleted and toxic, and the conditions are passed directly from mother to child. These are facts that are obvious to anyone who uses hair testing for toxic metals and knows how to remove the metals.


The main reason is contamination of the air, water, food and elsewhere due to industrialization, the use of plastics, and other toxic materials that are widely dispersed today.  In fact, the problem is getting better in some ways, as many laws have been passed to limit the dumping of toxic substances into the water, food supply and air.  However, other hazards are getting much worse, such as electromagnetic pollution and some chemicals and metals that are still widely used in industry, in fuels, in consumer products and elsewhere.


Conventional or traditional medical care almost completely ignores this problem of widespread and epidemic toxicity of the bodies.  They do not realize the direct connection between it and the illnesses of our times.  This will change eventually, and I have been writing about it for over 30 years in my short career.  However, I fear it will take a while, because even the holistic and naturopathic doctors don’t understand it yet.

If they did, they would not waste so much time with herbs, homeopathy, symptomatic vitamin and mineral therapy, all sorts of diets, or even chelation.  They would immediately help people to clean up their lives and they would only use methods that can remove all of the toxic metals at once, and all of the toxic chemicals at the same time as well.  This is what is needed.  Nutritional balancing, with the help of sauna therapy and coffee enemas, are one of the very few methods I am aware of that does this all the time, without fail. Everything else, in my experience, is much more limited, much slower, more toxic, and less effective.


The answer is due to a combination of the following, plus other subtle factors in some cases:

  • Most, if not all children, are born depleted and get a bad start due to depletion of their mothers.
  • A nutritionally bankrupt, genetically altered food supply.  The soil is depleted in most of the world and hybrid crops are designed for depleted soil but do not contain nearly as many minerals.  This is amply proven by USDA statistics.
  • Refined and junk food diet.  This is mainly eating white flour, white rice, white refined sugar and refined table salt.
  • Eating a lot of wheat and other irritating foods that damage the intestinal tract.
  • Eating raw food and vegetarian diets, unfortunately, always makes the problem much, much worse.
  • Several thousand food chemicals added to most processed and prepared foods that damage the absorption of nutrients.
  • Horrible eating habits such as eating while driving your car.  Stress also reduces digestive ability in most people.
  • Illness also reduces digestive ability significantly.
  • Fatigue also reduces digestive ability in a vicious cycle that leads to more illness.
  • Taking medical drugs usually irritates the intestinal tract and worsens digestion.  Most drugs also interfere and use up nutrients, and contain toxins, making the situation much worse.  Vaccines are even worse, as they contain mercury in most cases, even flu shots.

Once again, I am not hopeful that mainstream and even most holistic doctors and naturopaths will understand just how serious the problem is.  If they did, they would not waste the people’s money on expensive tests and drugs that make things worse.  They also would avoid almost all herbs, especially Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs, as these contain toxic metals, even if they help some conditions.  Instead, they would focus on a very healthful diet and lifestyle to begin to reverse this terrible situation.  In our experience, when this is done, and a digestive aid given as well, most health conditions go away on their own without a need for fancy tests, hormone replacement, chelation, drugs or other means.

NOTE: Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Mineral Analysis do not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, and are not substitutes for standard medical care. Nikki Moses is not a medical doctor. She operates as an unlicensed nutritional consultant only. None of the statements on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing on this site is intended to discourage anyone from seeking or following the advice of a medical doctor.

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