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November 2007B


by Lawrence Wilson, MD
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We are often asked by doctors and patients if nutritional balancing is for everyone. They ask if there are conditions for which our program is not appropriate, or if special modifications are required.


Let us begin with children’s physical health conditions. We enjoy working with children because they have more vital force or energy in their small bodies than most adults. As a result, they respond much faster in many cases than adults.

Children also require many fewer tablets as well. We often recommend adult types of products if we feel they will work best. If a child has trouble swallowing pills, one may crush, grind up or mix the products with food the child enjoys. This is usually not difficult.

We do very well with conditions such as chronic or acute infections, even recurrent infections for several years running. We do well with ear infections, for example, and throat infections. We can usually handle even chronic ailments such as asthma, allergies, wounds the won’t heal, runny noses and so forth.

Children’s mental and emotional conditions also respond excellent in most instances. These include but are not limited to ADHD, anxiety and depression, many learning problems and even autism, although that will take longer in some cases. Food intolerances and gut problems must be handled first in some of these children. Then the toxic metals and toxic chemicals and vaccine residues can be removed.

Delayed Development. We also help many children with genetic problems or birth defects, some quite severe. Often nutritional imbalances are involved here as causes and contributors to these children’s many symptoms and delayed development.


Most adult conditions also respond excellently if one is willing to do all or even most of our program. This means a healthful diet, distilled or spring water, lots of rest and sleep and a healthful lifestyle. We also highly recommend a detoxification program using an infrared sauna or other methods to remove toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections quickly from the body.

Physical Health Conditions. Conditions that respond very well are many cases of chronic fatigue, arthritis and other joint problems, digestive disturbances and insomnia, to name just a few. Some more unusual cases that do very well include Parkinson’s disease if caught early, MS if caught early, and many cases of epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Inability to heal wounds or post-surgical problems are respond excellently in most cases.

Mental And Emotional Conditions. These also respond excellently in most situations unless there is an emotional issue that is driving the condition. However, in most cases, nutritional and other biochemical imbalances play such large roles that correcting these goes a long way toward restoring one’s joy and even disposition. I wish this were more recognized among the medical and psychological professions.

Conditions that respond well include many cases of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and even some types of schizophrenia. Others such as moodiness, PMS and others respond well also.

Now let us discuss some conditions that require more cautions.


The nutritional balancing program is not designed especially for advanced cases of ALS and MS. Early cases of MS have responded perfectly. Later stage cases of MS, however, are more problematic.

For one thing, the patients cannot use the sauna and they often have trouble following other parts of the program. This is an instance when I strongly recommend trying intravenous chelation of mercury with agents such as DMPS or DMSA, as mercury is often involved in cases of MS.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is another instance that is more difficult to handle in advanced cases. Thus we don’t recommend the nutritional balancing program at this time for these individuals.


If one has active cancer or any kind or stage, we do not recommend the nutritional balancing system until the cancer is in remission. This is because cancer has a timeline and there are faster methods to bring it under control or even get rid of it entirely. Once this occurs, nutritional balancing is superb for continuing the healing process.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer and asks my opinion about treatments, I attempt to present all the options that I am aware of. These fall into two broad categories.

Conventional Therapy. One can do conventional surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. This may work, but often one is not given all the side effects and even the entire truth about possible bad outcomes from this often-barbaric form of therapy.

For example, most people do not realize that studies done on animals with chemotherapy agents usually only last 90 days. If the rats die early, the dead animals are not counted as failures because they did not finish the study.

Also, when a doctor tells you the “cure rate” for their therapy, it is only a five-year survival rate. Nothing is said about survival, let alone health, after five years. This is gross deception on the medical profession’s part that I hope will be corrected, but one must be aware of this.

In other cases, including one in my own family, doctors don’t want you to know the horrible truth about their conventional therapies because they figure there are no other options. However, there are some excellent alternatives in many cases.

Alternative Therapies. I currently recommend two alternative therapies. There are many others, but I have the most experience with these and I know the people and the subject fairly well. Cancer is not something to “fool around with” and one wants the best and only the best.

The best program out there in many ways is the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy. At the end of this article is a link to read more about this excellent method.

The Kelley program, as it is called, uses a near infrared sauna, along with coffee enemas, an excellent diet, lots of rest and sleep and a natural chemotherapy agent, pancreatic enzymes. The only drawback of this program is its cost. The cost is about $800-1200 per month for a year or more.

The contact we are using for this program is Mrs. Pamela McDougle, who is the person who trains many of the doctors who offer this throughout the nation and the world. Her phone number is (208) 424-7600.

NOTE: Be sure any cancer practitioner includes the sauna therapy with the program, as some omit this critical and very beneficial method.

Protocel. If the Kelley program is too expensive, we are investigating a natural remedy called Protocel. It is much cheaper at about $75.00 per month and quite non-toxic in our experience. However, beware that it is only a remedy and should be combined with the sauna, coffee enemas and other healing procedures such as diet and rest for the best results. Protocel is available by mail and is easy to find on the internet.

Patients Who Choose Conventional Cancer Therapy. If a client is undergoing conventional cancer therapy, then you may use the nutritional balancing program to provide excellent nutritional support for the person. I strongly recommend including the near infrared sauna aspect of our program. Coffee enemas would be excellent as well.

If One Has Had Cancer. If a person who wishes to be on a nutritional balancing program has had cancer in the past, the same suggestions occur as with those in the section above. The reason is there could still be some hidden cancer cells present.

Therefore, I recommend adding coffee enemas, infrared sauna therapy and greater amounts of GB-3 and other pancreatic enzymes and liver support remedies. Other excellent additions are more vitamin D, selenium and iodine, as these are often deficient and help many people.

Give no more than 6 or 7 products so as not to overwhelm the body. Prescribe loads of rest, early to bed, stress reduction to the maximum and even restrict exercise so as not to exhaust the patient. Anyone who has or has had cancer often needs lots of rest.


Diabetes is also a chronic illness that usually takes years to develop. Just lowering the blood sugar does not cure the entire problem. However, it is an excellent start to prevent the terrible damage that excessive sugar in the blood can cause.

Clients with this problem may have difficulty eliminating sweets from the diet. This is a personality trait of many diabetics, who are used to eating sweets or other stimulants to get an energy boost. Nutritional balancing requires plenty of discipline, which many of them do not want to learn.

If they want to go on a program with you, they need extra zinc or Endo-pan, about 88 mg of zinc daily. Also needed is about 1 mg of extra chromium daily as well. These elements are critical for pancreatic function and blood sugar regulation.

They also will fare best on a stricter diet with even fewer sugars and no refined starches at all to obtain the best results. They are often told that they may have some fruit juice and even sweets, if it is not too much. This is not helpful in the least. Strict avoidance of simple carbohydrates is best in the long run.

They also need an extreme amount of rest and sleep, more than others. This is, in fact, true of all chronic diseases.

With diabetes and other chronic illnesses, other programs such as raw food and perhaps vegetarian diets can get faster results in many cases. However, the clients may subtlely become extremely deficient in some nutrients such as zinc on these regimens. Zinc is found primarily in meats. Their bodies also become extremely expanded or yin in Chinese terminology, as well. This is why we don’t recommend vegetarian or raw food diets.

However, these regimens are effective for many diabetics in the short term. Later, they can return to our program when they are feeling better, if they so choose. Prevention of diabetes is our goal with nutritional balancing.


Older and very debilitated individuals need extra GB-3 or other digestive aids, much more than younger, hardier people. The old or infirm often have seriously impaired enzyme production and cannot absorb nutrients well without a lot of help from digestive aids.

GB-3, our favorite digestive aid for most people, combines a liver detoxifier, a fat-soluble vitamin absorber, an intestinal infection killer, a cancer preventive and more into one digestive aid. The client does not have to take all these separately to receive many benefits.

The main problem that GB-3 can cause in a few people is diarrhea if one starts out with too much. Over a period of months, most people can increase slowly to three per meal. This is ideal for most older people.

They also need fewer other supplements, in general, so as not to overwhelm their worn out digestive systems. Twice daily is plenty for supplements, with the exception of the digestive aid that must be used with each meal. No more than five products is often best. Foods are often better than a lot of pills for very weak people.

Older or very weak clients may need more cooked food and fewer sweets. Cooked food is usually easier to digest. Sweets can cause fermentation by yeasts and other intestinal problems. Also, they need a nap every day and plenty of rest at night. Stress levels should be reduced in any way possible.


Nutritional balancing science is superb for enhancing the immune system. However, an acute infection, especially if life-threatening, may need specific therapy for the infecting germs or parasites.

In cases of very serious acute infections, we like to target the infection only until it is under good control. This is a rare situation, however. For example, if the infections if a chronic type like lyme disease or intestinal candida, or Epstein-Barr virus or cytomegalovirus or herpes, then the nutritional balancing program may be started at once.

The only exception is if the infection is overwhelming the person and this is quite rare. Only in these cases would one want to begin with just a targeted therapy such as colloidal silver for bacterial and viral infections and perhaps a therapy such as caprylic acid or acidophilus for a severe candida infection.

Prescription medication should never be used first in our experience. However, as a last resort it can be lifesaving. Other natural infection-fighters include colloidal silver, bee propolis, echinacea, golden seal, astralagus and high-dose vitamin C.

Once a fulminating or extreme infection is at least under control, then a nutritional balancing program can help assure that infection does not recur and that the body becomes stronger and more balanced in general.


Most addictions greatly deplete nutrients or affect the diet and body chemistry quite adversely. In these cases, which are many, a nutritional balancing program can often help reduce cravings and greatly ease the effects of the addiction.

However, in some of these cases, nutritional balancing may be mainly supportive or secondary to other interventions that are needed to end the addiction to alcohol or drugs, for example.

For this reason, I prefer that addiction clients follow a complete care program. This would include not only nutritional balancing, but also counseling, biofeedback, meditation or other modalities to help overcome a difficult situation.

Often, a complete change of life with a move, breaking out of a co-dependent relationship and other drastic measures are most helpful. Once this is achieved, then the person can focus and benefit far more from a simple nutritional balancing healing program.

NOTE: Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Mineral Analysis do not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, and are not substitutes for standard medical care. Nikki Moses is not a medical doctor. She operates as an unlicensed nutritional consultant only. None of the statements on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing on this site is intended to discourage anyone from seeking or following the advice of a medical doctor.

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