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Services and Pricing

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Thank you for your interest in hair mineral analysis and a Nutritional Balancing program. We believe it is one of the most advanced types of nutritional programs available today. This unique approach for addressing nutritional imbalances and correcting body chemistry is exceptionally accurate and powerful in restoring the body’s ability to heal itself, and thereby supporting the body in it’s ability to heal many conditions, both physical and mental or emotional.

The program is set up to balance the body chemistry, first and foremost. It is designed to remove toxic metals and thousands of toxic chemicals, as well, by gently and safely replacing them with vital or nutrient minerals that the body requires.

By restoring the body’s innate healing power, future health conditions can also be prevented. Many people have latent or hidden conditions they are unaware of because obvious symptoms have not presented yet or because the condition is in its early stages. As the body’s chemistry is balanced, the body will have the energy and resources to correct these conditions on its own.

We make no claims for this program because each person’s situation is unique. This same uniqueness is also why a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral analysis is so critical. We would never want to recommend diets, supplements or other procedures without one, since each person has his or her own unique requirements. Our hair mineral analysis shows us what these unique requirements are.



After having studied the progress of over 500 of her clients, Ms. Moses came up with a system to tailor the delivery of the program to each individual over a series of consultations, all included with the initial test fee. In her years of experience, she discovered that not only is each person unique in what supplements and diet he or she needs, but each person is also unique in how he or she should work into the supplements, diet and other changes.

So you will receive not just one consultation to go over your test results, but two hours of total consultation, divided into multiple appointments. During these consultations, Nikki Moses or Kristina Moses will make adjustments as needed to keep you progressing at the optimum rate. When we receive your hair sample, you will also receive a 30-minute audio instructional recording that walks you through important information applicable to everyone, so that your time with us is all about details specific to YOU.


Another benefit of working with us, is that you don’t have to wait until your test results come back from the lab to get started. We will review your forms and will get you started on some personalized recommendations for diet, supplement and other changes you can implement RIGHT AWAY while waiting for your results to get back from the lab! Most people report improvements in their symptoms just from starting these initial changes!


At the lab, your hair is screened for 21 nutritive and toxic metals. Once your lab results are sent back to us (in about fourteen days), We will review your hair results and design a comprehensive custom Nutritional Balancing Program for you. We will then provide a detailed, personalized consultation for you explaining your program recommendations and how to understand your results. This can be done in person, or by phone or SKYPE. The first part of this consultation will be to go over the test graph so that you understand it. We will then discuss more details with you and how your test results relate to your symptoms. You will also receive a packet of written materials that provide additional information relating to the hair mineral analysis and a detailed description of your healing program.

In summary, this consultation will include:

1) A full educative explanation of your analysis results.Graph 1

2) Suggestions for an individualized diet with comments on your current food and water intake and the changes that we recommend.

3) Specific nutritional supplementation and product suggestions designed around your individual body chemistry. We will also go over any supplements you are currently taking as listed on the information form you fill out. Please note that we do not recommend stopping any medication without first consulting the prescribing physician.

4) Lifestyle modifications, including how much rest and sleep to obtain, exercise, sunshine, relaxation and more depending on your situation.

5) A cleansing and detoxification program that may include sauna therapy, colon cleansing and other methods of reducing the toxic load of the body.

6) Recommendations for any additional health protocols we feel may be helpful for you such as massage, chiropractic care, etc.

7) An Additional Laboratory Interpretative Report that contains an extra 15 or more pages of information about your hair analysis results. It includes symptom trends, an explanation of the stress theory of disease and much more. You can see an example of that report here: Interpretive Report

(You will receive the majority of your information by email.)


In addition to all of the above, the hair analysis consultation fee includes two more 15-minute weekly consultations, either by phone or in the office, so that we may go over your progress, any diet changes, and make any needed supplement additions or corrections! During these consultations, we will continue to tailor your approach TO YOU so that you get optimum results.

The above is all included for the price listed below (total included one-on-one consultation time is 2 hours). By the end of these consultations, most people have worked fully onto their supplements and can move forward with less consultation, but everyone needs help along the way, so additional consultations will likely be recommended periodically. And you may schedule a phone or office appointment any time you like if you need help with anything.

Additionally, on a Nutritional Balancing Program, you will experiences various changes and will likely have questions so it is important to stay in touch! Both Kristina and Nikki are available for phone and/or email consultation and in-office consultation (which may include muscle testing and other techniques). (See rates in Pricing below.) The office visits can be very helpful to check progress or to help one through a biochemical change that is taking place.

Repeat hair analyses are usually recommended every 3-6 months. This is because your body chemistry will start to change as you do the program. The repeat hair analyses are a vital tool to track these changes as they occur so that we can adjust your program and change your supplements as needed in accordance with changes occurring in your body chemistry. It is actually quite a fascinating process. With a repeat hair analysis, your program will be updated, and a consultation describing changes and any program updates will be provided.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (818) 745-9558 or email us!


NOTE: Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Mineral Analysis do not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, and are not substitutes for standard medical care. Nikki Moses and Kristina Moses are not medical doctors. They operate as unlicensed nutritional consultants only. None of the statements on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing on this site is intended to discourage anyone from seeking or following the advice of a medical doctor.

Hair Mineral Analysis & Custom Nutritional Balancing Program

(Prices listed in U.S. Dollars.)

  • New Client Initial Hair Analysis: includes Lab Fees, Instructional Audio Recording, Program Recommendations, and 4 Comprehensive Consultations as detailed above, All-Ages – $365.
  • New Client Initial Hair Analysis, Program and 4 Consultations, Child (17 and under) of someone already on a nutrition program with us – $325 for same services above.
  • Repeat Hair Analysis and Program update, All-Ages – $265 Full Price. Repeat Hair Analyses are discounted to $165 if you are purchasing your program supplements from Moses Nutrition or directly from the Moses Nutrition Endo-Met account, and not from another third party. Most people qualify for the discount Repeat Hair Analysis price, but you may contact us if you are not sure.
  • For Retests Only: Optional Laboratory Interpretive Report – Add $30.
    You can see an example of that report here: Interpretive Report
  • International Fee (for clients outside the USA) – add $35
    (Please note that we are only accepting clients from the United States and Canada at this time. The exception is if you are a family member of someone already on the program with us, in which case all countries are accepted.)


In-Office Consultation
– $75 per half hour (billed based on actual minutes used at $2.50 per minute)

Nikki and Kristina also utilize two advanced systems of muscle testing: Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT). Some people prefer to start their health program by coming in and receiving a muscle test screening for any problem foods or other stressors that can be addressed with nutrition support in conjunction with or while waiting for their hair analysis results. This is recommended for those who live locally or if one is visiting the Los Angeles area. But the Nutritional Balancing program is very effective on its own, so do not worry if you are unable to come in. An in-office visit can also be very helpful for local clients while on their programs if one is having difficulty on the program or for various techniques that can speed progress. Please call (818) 745-9558 or email us to schedule your appointment, or click here to use our online scheduling.

Phone and E-mail Consultation
– $75 per half hour (billed at $2.50 per minute used)

If you need assistance and are unable to come to our office for a consultation, we are available by phone or email as well. You can simply email quick questions you have anytime, or schedule a phone consultation. Call (818) 745-9558 or email us to schedule your phone consultation appointment, or click here to use our online scheduling). If the topic is complex, a scheduled phone consultation is usually best. For quick questions, there is no need to schedule; you may just call the office.

Many clients have frequent, brief calls and emails, which are tallied and billed at the end of each month.

For more information:
Call (818) 745-9558 or Email using the form below.

NOTE: Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Mineral Analysis do not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, and are not substitutes for standard medical care. Nikki Moses and Kristina Moses are not medical doctors. They operate as unlicensed nutritional consultants only. None of the statements on this site have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing on this site is intended to discourage anyone from seeking or following the advice of a medical doctor.

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